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"Windows XP Ultimate?"

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Well, after going out and buying a Mac, since I swore off Windows Vista, I downloaded the Windows 7 RC. I can honestly say I'm impressed. I noticed that all the drivers for my ASUS N80 laptop for Vista work absolutly fine except the video driver. Downloaded the BETA driver from nVidia, and ran some game test. So far no crashes, 20% increase in framerate test over Vista, and everything loads so much faster and runs so much more smoothly.

Honestly makes me wonder if it isn't a truely beefed up version of Windows XP SP3, with a lot of the good features from vista, without all the garbage. Only issue I see so far is that it doesn't see more then 3GB of ram.

  • Quick install,
  • adds itself to the boot loader menu if you dual boot it with Vista,
  • a lot of the vista drivers actually work on Win7RC. The ones that don't, the hardware makers already have a Windows 7 beta driver out.
  • Doesn't see more then 3GB of RAM.

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02 Jun 2009

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